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Throughout my life, I've lived in 3 countries: Canada, Guatemala (4 years) and Peru (7 years), allowing myself to see the world through the eyes of a Third Culture Kid.


I am passionate about trying new things and exploring new passions! Continue scrolling to see my past projects and interests.


You can contact me through different mediums. Don't be afaid to reach out to me! My contact can be seen below.


Deep Dive

The deep dive was an Innovation Academy photo exhibition, "Spectrum" where dug deep into the devastating issue of illegal mining in Lima.

IA SWITCH Magazine

The IA cohort worked together to create and publish our magazine, Switch. The purpose was to allow people to see the world with new eyes.


One of my passions is attending hackathons, where I've attented. At these events you work collaboratively to code a project.


I enjoy combining leadership and art in order to create murals. So far, I've designed and help paint two murals: one in the outskits of Cajamarca and one in the FDR community.


TSA, Technology Student Association, is a club where we promote passions for technology within the community. One project I've helped with is the tech at FDR MUN.


NAHS, National Arts Honour Society, is a club I've been a part of for 3 years. We do various service projects and promotions for art within/oustide the community.


Yellowknife Montessori School (NT - Pre-K)
Colegio Maya, American International School of Guatemala (Kinder-Grade 3)
Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, American International School of Lima (Grade 4-Grade 10: currently)

PYP (Primary Years Program)
MYP (Middle Years Program) - IB International Baccalaureate
IA (Roosevelt Innovation Academy Program)


Throughout my student life, I've explored and allowed myself to delve into various passions. Below are some things that I enjoy doing and have made an impact on myself as a person.

The sports community is one of my favorite groups I have been a part of inside and outside of school. It is a great opportunity to meet people with common interests, while improving both your physical and mental strength! Over the years, I have been a part of several different sports teams and activities. Currently, I am a part of the swim team where I have travelled twice to SAAC (the South American Athletic Conference) in Santiago, Chile. I also am the captain track and field team, where we have had a couple local meets in Lima. I have also been a part of roller hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer. I am also currently a part of Varsity Club, a sports club at FDR. I love being a part of the athletics community, and I think it is a part of me that will stick with me my whole life.
One of my greatest passions is working with technology. For example, one of my biggest aspirations is coding, using HTML and CSS. Also, I enjoy working with the Adobe suite and experimenting with different design programs such as illustrator (vector based) and Photoshop. I am also currently learning how to use Final Cut Pro, which is an elite video editing software. Participating in different clubs, such as TSA (Technology Student Association) allows me to explore my interests and build ideas with like-minded individuals. Another club that I was previously a part of was the FDR robotics club, where we competed at national and international levels for World Robotics Olympiad (WRO) and the First Lego League (FLL) competition. In July 2017, I participated in a Global Hackathon that took place at thein University of Toronto, located in Toronto, Canada. At this event, my group and I worked together to create a project that focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to increase productivity in consumer warehouses. The robot we prototyped functioned off of our code using Python and Raspberry Pi.
Art is one of the things that has stuck with me throughout my whole life. I love being able to express myself visually through different mediums and combine colors to create works of art. I have dedicated a lot of time to visual arts, - whether it be in school or outside the classroom environment. Examples of art that I enjoy working with include painting (acrylics), calligraphy (the art of hand lettering), and mixed media journals. For my independent project, I decided to create a mixed media calligraphy art journal. This journal was really fun to make because I was able to dedicate a lot of time improving my calligraphy (brush lettering, roman lettering, calligraphy heat embossing with powder). In order to create the art journal, I had to do a lot of research on colors and moods that you can create with different techniques to make sure that the tone of the words were respresented right on the pages.

I am able to explore my passion for art through different clubs - such as NAHS (national arts honor society) and previously MURO, clubs where we provide service to the community through art and murals. These art clubs are very fun for me to attend because I love giving back to the community with something I enjoy doing so much. I believe that by creating a more colorful environment (like a school) you can inspire a whole new generation of creativity.
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Tele Clone

Teleclone was a fun project we developed as part of a hackathon where the user would send a text via SMS and the message would appear in Facebook messenger.

The program we used to code this was stdlib and python.
This was an interesting program because it allows the community to stay in contact more efficiently.
The design for this logo I created was a minimalistic take on an sms text and telephone. This incorporates the two elements in the name with symbols. The color scheme is complimentary colors (yellow and blue) with a background of pastel green.

UofT Food

UofT Food was a project I helped create at a hackathon where we created a prototype that would map areas where students could eat on the University of Toronto campus in Ontario, Canada.

The features of this prototype is that you can access the map and zoom into locations you would like to visit. Students could then visit these areas and address to your cryptocurrency wallet.
This is exciting because it allows students to explore new areas and get rewarded as a result.
This project was coded using HTML and stdlib, in addition with cryptocurrencies.


EcoFridge is an exciting app that I helped develop to target food waste, an issue that produces 1.3 tonnes waste every year. The way the app works is that we take a picture of out fridge using an API for image recognition and through that we can detect the ingredients we already have in our fridge. The information we get from this is plugged into a recipe API that gives us a list of recipes using the ingredients we have in our fridge. We can also enter any dietary restrictions and allergies into our application to filter through our recipes given. We coded the prototype using python and we plan to finish coding this app with JavaScript and the IBM Watson image recognition when it’s available.
Food waste is an immense problem because, according to the U.N., roughly one-third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste. We were inspired to develop our project because even in Canada alone, it is estimated that $31 billion worth of food end up in landfills.

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